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Pocket Jockey

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Pocket Jockey About

Pocket Jockey is an application that aims to connect music lovers with DJs from all over the world. Whether you are at a party hall or at home with friends or family, pocket jockey enables you to find and experience your favourite live concert from a collection of hundreds of DJs. As a subscriber, you can search and listen to live concerts from the category of your choice and your DJ instantly. You may also listen to the trending music from popular DJs.

An opportunity for new DJs to become popular and popular DJs to be trending only through Pocket Jockey! Give your audience around the world the experience of a live concert at their doorstep and increase your fan base rapidly. Remove the hazzle of travel and infrastructure setup but provide the same great experience to your audience at multiple subscriber locations and at the same time.

How does this work?

It is as simple as downloading our app, select and enjoy!

So, party at any place and on any day with the whole DJ experience within no time!

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Apr 25-27, 2018
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